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Maijamedia Ltd. designs unique media and layouts for businesses, societies, associations and privates. Digital and printed media works hand in hand in the big picture...


... We care about the feeling and sense of the product by paying attention to user friendliness, visuality and ecological way of thinking: One of our main goals is to design long-lasting products to serve customers needs. Maijamedia Ltd. is a Finnish media office driven by a classic and pure design thinking. We are operating in Helsinki metropolitan area and Eastern Uusimaa but not tied to the country so many projects can be processed even with distances. Please, feel free to contact us.

Maijamedia Oy, Lundinkatu 10 B 45
06100 PORVOO, Suomi Finland
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Why do I Need a Site?

Nowadays Web site is an essential part of your business and plays a role of a virtual business card. Well designed site gives a reliable image about your company and helps your customers to make the decision. Web site is one and almost a free kind of a tool to market your business on your local market and it reaches your clients around the clock. Customers explore alternatives over the web before buying. More good reasons for having a site? Web sites – When You Need Quality Whatever the site is for, it should be made with quality on its design and content. Every project is unique and we will help you to choose the best option for your needs. Maybe you want to update the site yourself? Maybe you want just a simple contact page on the net? Whatever your need is, we will help you.

Site Made by Content Management System (CMS)

Want to update the site yourself? CMS enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, makes CMS the most popular tool to create sites. It requires almost no technical skills or knowledge to manage its content. If you know how to use a text editor, you know how to update your site. With CMS you can build sites for example for: Corporations or portals, small businesses, organizations, communities, school and churches, personal or family use…

Traditional Web Site (html)

Static Web site is a good option if your site doesn’t need much updating and the content is minimal. This option is usually the easiest for the pocket. One option for a low budget is to build a simple contact page on the net. Make sure you have activated all the necessary keywords for the search engines as well. Updating goes through FTP and coding. You will probably need someone to take care of it.


Web content should be simple, easy to find and updated! Take into consideration how to put text and images into the user friendly layout. The site is there to give answers to your customer’s questions in predictable way. With images you will build up the wanted feeling. How can you make it better? Ask for an evaluation. We can help you to build up a better existing site or a new site.

Visitor Statistics

Want to see the insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness? It is very useful to keep on track how your site’s visitors are acting. From statistics you can find out for example: Popular pages, traffic sources, length of time on site, bounce rate, unique visits, countries, languages, etc.

Printed Materials

Printed material goes hand in hand with the business brand and identity at the same time reflecting its reliability. It should be up to date and fresh bringing up all the best. We prefer ecological thinking. When product is well designed, it will stand one's ground longer and this feature makes it ecological together with chosen materials. How should they work in a real life? What are their purposes? Choose your favorite from the following: Brochures, advertisements and announcements, business cards, business materials, magazines, books, posters and flyers, forms.

Business Brands

Clear and uniform brand is easy to remember and use in different purposes. Brand should be easily recognizable and have feelings of professionalism and trustworthy. We always tailor our business packages, choose from the following: - Corporate logos and its versions - Colors and typography - Brochures - Posters, flyers - Business cards - Letters and envelopes

Packages for New Businesses

Maijamedia’s marketing packages include what you need to launch a new business, to jump-start your marketing or to re-brand if you don’t have the right image. We can do it for a moderate price because a lot of the work that goes into one item applies to others as well. There are a lot of people who will be interested in your products or services, when they know about them. Let them know.

Photos with Emotions

“Close to nature” is our motto in photography. What would you like to catch? Precious details? Color or feeling? Atmosphere? People or expressions? Choose your favorite from: Business & milieu, people & portraits, kids & family, weddings & celebrations, food & dining, seasonal photography & nature.

Natural Studio Portraits

Our calming and luminous studio is located in the center of Porvoo, Finland. A nice atmosphere and lighting for your soft, natural portraits.

Wedding Photos

Will be agreed with the client. Wedding portraits will be taken in a milieu, influenced by nature and chosen by the couple. Shooting takes approximately 30-60 min. Extra services: preparing, ceremony in a Church, after party, guests.

Advertisement Model

A model for marketing campaigns, advertising and TV-commercials. Timeless, elegant and classic look for various purposes; magazines, sports, promotional campaigns, fashion catalogues and shows. Have a look at the portfolio >

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